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Editor's Note Fall 2013

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Growing up in the 60s, we knew technology would change our world. We watched Star Trek and the Jetsons. We looked forward to having a wrist device like Dick Tracy used to see and talk to his team. We trusted our president when he said we would land a man on the moon! We believed anything would be possible in the next 50 years.

As technology has advanced and more employers have begun offering remote working arrangements, the relationship between employees and the physical workplace has evolved from frequent “face time” among employees to varying degrees of employee interactions.

Out of 10,000 U.S. workers polled, 52 percent say they do not get paid more for doing a better job. Should you get more pay for doing a better job? I believe you should. If you do more than the average bear, then you should get paid more than the average bear.

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Student Games Competition

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The Southeastern Student SHRM Student Games and Conference was held in Washingtion, DC, March 8-9, 2013. HR Florida was well represented with two teams attending the competition. The University of Central Florida, who won our State competition, represented us in the undergraduate division; and Florida Tech competed in the graduate division.

Total compensation statements are a great tool to help employees understand all the contributions a company makes on their behalf. Frequently listed items include salary, bonuses, insurance and retirement benefits, and PTO, as well as hidden or mandated costs, such as workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance.

We have experienced several years of cost cutting and a tight economy with no real relief in sight. Healthcare reform is introducing more economic uncertainty, and the bottom line is a multi-year freeze on salary increases for many companies.

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