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President's Column

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Hello HR Colleagues,

Welcome to 2011 and to the year’s first issue of HR Florida Review. As the newly installed president of HR Florida, I’m excited about all the opportunities we have for furthering the cause of HR professionals across the state.

Yes, it’s an exciting time to be in human resources—there is so much change and challenge going on in our economy, our businesses, and our organizations. Let’s face it: HR has to play a critical role in crystallizing the goals and enabling the transformation. We know it, and we’re working hard to make it happen.

That’s where HR Florida comes in. In 2010, our council directors began looking carefully at the past and the future of the HR Florida State Council. We looked back with great pride at the depth and breadth of our work over the past years in “serving the professional and advancing the profession.” During this time, we developed and implemented a great state-wide HR conference, offered more than 17,000 HR professionals development in a wide range of critical topics, supported the SHRM Foundation as one of the leading states in the country in donations, and worked with our 28 state chapters to put forth a myriad of opportunities for ongoing networking, communication, and connection. We’re very proud of the chapters, volunteer leaders, and individuals we’ve been able to support and the work they have accomplished.

As we looked to the future, though, we concluded that we needed to focus our energies to have an even greater impact on our constituency during these turbulent times. So we are embracing a new strategy:

To be the catalyst for shaping energetic, educated, and engaged HR professionals who have an influence on the profession and the organizations they serve.

As an independent organization, yet aligned with SHRM and our chapters’ missions, HR Florida is uniquely positioned for this catalytic role.

How will we “be the catalyst for shaping energetic, educated, and engaged HR professionals?” We will focus on three goals for 2011:

  • Building Relationships with Our Chapters, with the objective that by the end of 2011 our chapter leaders and members will be true collaborative partners in helping us enhance the HR profession in the state of Florida.
  • Increasing Our Membership, with the objective of reversing the trend of HR professionals pulling out of chapter or national membership when they experience major job changes or staff reductions, while continuing to publicize the benefits of membership to individuals who are not currently a part of the SHRM or a local HR association.
  • Offering a World-Class State Conference, with the objective of increasing the percentage of global HR professionals, from students to senior-level directors, who come to the conference to learn, connect, and engage.

These are big goals. They’re challenging. And we know we can’t achieve them alone. We will look for partners who can work with us along the way. We will pursue an active, strategic approach for the use of our limited resources. We will learn as we go. We’ll use mistakes as opportunities for discovery and improvement. We’ll be accountable, transparent, and forthright about our progress every step of the way.

As we build on the achievements, lessons and courage of those volunteer leaders who came before us, we are committed to working collaboratively to achieve these goals. We invite you to share your suggestions, feedback, and ideas. We want you to be energetic, educated, and engaged.

All organizations have a dream or a vision. Few organizations have goals to get there. Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa taught us that a dream truly becomes a goal when we take action. And part of that action is removing the barriers to achieving the goal.

So HR Florida will also be all about removing barriers so that we can achieve our goals. Our guiding principle will be to provide courageous and effective leadership to maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct as we further the HR strategic role.

In my dream, I was watching the news one evening when a reporter said, “In a shocking development, another HR leader leveraged her professional membership to move her organization to record levels of profitability and productivity. What makes this story so stunning is that this business first tried to do this without its HR strategist and failed miserably. What a testimony to the value of human resources engagement in organizational achievement.”

We look forward to your partnership and thank you for your past and future support as we embark on this journey.

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