Tuesday, July 27, 2021
The Chapter Excellence Awards recognize outstanding efforts by our chapters in the SHRM designated Core Leadership Areas. Each year, the HR Florida State Council recognizes chapters that have made an exemplary contribution to the HR Profession and their communities. We received many submissions for the Chapter Excellence Awards and today we will recognize those chapters that went above and beyond to make a difference. We appreciate the efforts of every chapter and recognize the work they did in their communities.
Millennials are no longer the individuals people once feared taking over those coveted leadership roles. We are those leaders, or at least the next in line. We are educated, adaptive, and diverse, making us the most equipped leaders as the baby boomers retire from, and Generation Z’s enter, the workforce.
The hazards encountered on a daily basis by employees often lead to injuries. Even the most benign of situations can precipitate an accident, the restrictions from which are frequently difficult to accommodate. Despite the best training and safety equipment you may provide, accidents happen. Carrying workers’ compensation coverage is not only legally required, but also the best way to reduce the financial risk; however, relying on your carrier is not enough. To keep your claim costs low and your premiums reasonable, a carefully tailored, well-executed return to work (RTW) policy is critical.
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Leadership Tips for Motivating Members

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If you're a laissez-faire leader who believes that all employees are intrinsically success driven and ambitious without any input from you or others within the organization, then it’s time to upgrade your leadership style! As a leader, you hold the keys to much of their motivational drive; but, how do we motivate employees to do their best? When we examine this issue in our quest to discover how to get the very best out of employees within an organization, we must first understand that what motivates people can be rather diverse.
2019 is off to a great start for the HR Florida State Council, which has been honored with the Seven Seals Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a U.S. Department of Defense program, for its meritorious leadership and support of men and women who serve our country as part of the National Guard and Reserve.
Why do we have a brain? This is not a rhetorical question. Pause for a moment and reflect on why we have this remarkable organ encased in our skull, an organ that is the most complex object we know of in the entire universe. A simplistic answer is that we have a brain in order to survive. Sure, that’s not a bad answer, but it’s not a complete answer.