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EACH YEAR, HR FLORIDA STATE COUNCIL (HR Florida) recognizes a human resources leader who has advanced the profession in a significant way with the HR Professional of Year award. On the morning of the announcement, Jackie Stevens sat in the audience, third row, second section, left side of the hotel ballroom at the 39th HR Florida Conference & Expo alongside an estimated 2,500 other professionals representing various industries. She listened as HR Florida President Lynnette Holsinger welcomed conference attendees, thanked sponsors and introduced the conference emcee. Soon after, Holsinger’s attention turned to the distinguished HR Professional of the Year award.
IN TODAY’S FAST-PACED, ON-THE-GO WORLD, there’s no simpler way of communicating than through text message. We fire off texts to our friends, family and coworkers while running errands and cooking dinner without missing a single play on game day. Texting makes communicating easier while we live our busy lives. Recently, texting has even become a successful tool that recruiters have used to solve a common problem in the recruitment industry: connecting the right companies with the most competitive talent.
HERE HE COMES AGAIN. THIS IS THE THIRD TIME this month that Scott wants to “talk” to you about his job, and more specifically, the lack of teamwork from his co-workers. He’s been with the company eight years and thinks he has all the solutions to running the company more productively. He talks, you listen. Why does everything have to be such a big production with him? Can’t he just roll with the punches? You wonder if coaching might help Scott see his role at work with a different perspective. It’s clear that he feels there is a problem and you don’t have any more ideas for helping him at this point.
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Answer #7: How to Avoid Vacation Frustration

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HAS IT HAPPENED TO YOU ON VACATION? YOUR plans of long walks, naps and meals are interrupted by your job. Before you know it, you’ve traded flip flops for a keyboard. You’re experiencing vacation frustration. Training company Fierce Inc. recently surveyed more than 1,000 executives and employees about their time off from work. The results found 58 percent of the respondents say they receive no stress relief from vacations and more than 25 percent feel more stressed after vacations. The pressures of work will always exist, but they shouldn’t invade your time off. Successful organizations understand that time away from the office produces good results when someone returns to the job. You can’t recharge if you don’t unplug.
The sound of a clock keeping the beat as the seconds march by may be rare today, but is there anyone who isn’t thinking about time, needing more, wishing for more? The critical issue is time management and its direct impact on productivity at work and in life. To truly take control of the 24 hours in each day requires a fresh approach. It’s time to disregard all the one-sizefits- all advice and systems for time management and to focus on finding what works for you. We hear it in boardrooms. We hear it at meetings. We hear it at home. “I just wish I had more hours in the day.” But what do we do when we can’t just add hours to the day? And when we’ve cheated sleep all we can at night?
MIKE OWENS IS A HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER AT LANDRUM HR and currently serves as president of the Greater Pensacola SHRM Chapter. Owens was recently honored with the Department of Defense Seven Seals Award in recognition of his extraordinary support of the men and women who serve in the Reserve Components of America’s Military.
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