Tuesday, July 27, 2021
As a busy human resource professional, planning events can be daunting or overwhelming especially if given limited time. This 10-key strategic approach, which incorporates asking the five W’s (What, When, Who, Where, Why), will harvest relevant information and maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.
The HR Florida State Council dat on the Hill is now the Legislative Conference. For the second consecutive year, a record number of HR Florida members from across the state gathered in Tallahassee to walk the halls of the Capitol. The seventh annual event took place March 29-30 with over 60 attendees sporting new name badges with HR Florida “Day on the Hill” red, white and blue ribbons.
When you think of the words diversity and inclusion, you may think of how individuals are different or similar when it comes to values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds and preferences. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) defines diversity as the collective mixture of differences and similarities.
One of Garth Brooks' best know hits is “Friends in Low Places.” It is an easy tune to sing, especially with friends. Last year, I attended a Garth Brooks concert. Although I’ve attended concerts from other genres, this was only my second country music concert.
Nearly four out of five employers offer health improvement programs including incentives or education on eating right, being active, reducing stress and being aware of health status. But employees aren’t often benefiting from these wellness efforts. On average, employers award nearly $700 in wellness incentives to each employee, but the majority don’t use the full amount.
Human resources is a profession with daily challenges, unique situations and tricky interactions to navigate. But through it all, there is one thing in which HR can always rely – a trait we should hone and use to its utmost potential because it is the gateway to innovation and problem solving: curiosity.