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5-red&greenlightsFrequently in social settings, the discussion turns to someone’s work environment. Sometimes they will say, “You’re HR, what do you think of this”? Often, my unspoken response is, “Wow. Don’t they have an HR department?” As the theme of this edition is “retention,” here are two stories that exemplify why an employee might leave or stay with an employer.

6-joyce&heatherAs I sit down to write my last message to you as president of HR Florida, I can’t help but look back to reflect on our achievements during my tenure, but also to look forward to see what I believe the future will hold. In an organization such as HR Florida, representing close to 14,000 SHRM members and continuously working on a wide range of activities throughout the year, it’s sometimes hard to see the scope of our triumphs.

8-featureListingIs your company’s bottom line where it should be? Are you growing, shrinking, or barely keeping your head above water? How are your numbers compared to five years ago? It is no big secret that times are tough for businesses—both small and large. Times are tight. Times are uncertain. Times have changed, and there is no room for error.

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Building Humanity Into The Workplace

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Organizations invest a lot of time and resources in recruitment. However, when it comes to keeping their employees, it is frequently a different story. Many organizations struggle with issues related to employee morale, engagement, and retention, and they think the reason employees leave is the lack of sufficient extrinsic motivation.

14-SingoffKey titleBoxFeedback begins at an early age and is omnipresent throughout our lives. Feedback helps us understand more about ourselves and is important for our growth and success.

16-insideTalk3The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) announced the winners of this year’s Pinnacle Awards on November 16 during its 2012 Leadership Conference at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel & Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Created in 1991, the award is the highest achievement SHRM state councils and chapters can attain, and it honors programs that exceed the standard activities of SHRM affiliates in enhancing the creation of effective HR management.