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Monday, 12 March 2018 10:25

Keys to HR Success

Written by Katrina Merlini, Ph.D.


WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST 2018 EDITION OF THE HR FLORIDA REVIEW! THIS is an exciting time and, no doubt, a busy time for HR professionals as we tackle a new year full of new goals and opportunities! As an industrial/ organizational (I/O) psychologist peering into the HR window, HR professionals constantly amaze me. Managing external and internal forces that affect our organizations and its members, especially in this rapidly changing world, is a heavy and complex undertaking! So, how does one effectively manage these forces while maintaining a positive and productive workforce?

Thankfully, our contributors have handed us keys to successful practices to help us take on these forces in the new year! From hiring and retaining top talent to tackling sensitive issues like workplace harassment and friction, this edition dives into key strategies for HR professionals to successfully meet the diverse needs of intense and continuously-changing workplace demands. The goal of these articles is to give you practical and actionable steps to make your role in HR a little easier. Of course, this goal would not be complete without talking about how to take care of you, our HR professional! So, don’t miss the simple everyday practices you can do to take care of yourself in the new year. Finally, I hope you enjoy this and subsequent editions as I tackle my new opportunity this year as your 2018 HR Florida Review editor!

Katrina Merlini
Katrina (“Katie”) Piccone Merlini, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in Industrial/ Organizational (I/O) Psychology and the Academic Chair of the Organizational Leadership MA program at Florida Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on leadership, diversity and inclusion, organizational culture and climate, and individual motivation and self-regulation. She is a member of South Brevard SHRM.