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Do The Numbers Really Count?

Written by Carol McDaniel, HR Florida State Council President

Carol McDaniel

Like a lot of people, as the year comes to a close, we reflect on our year and try to count the successes we’ve had or the areas that still need attention.

I too am reflecting and wondering what the numbers really mean. Did they have an impact on our business, our professional roles, and our personal lives?

This year’s reflection is really about the numbers for me and looking back at what they meant, how they impacted all areas of Human Resources, and, notably, The HR Florida State Council.

There is a saying that’s been going around for many years: “Volunteering with HR Florida is like a marriage.” We wear those years like a badge of honor. There have been many presidents before me that have served this industry most of their adult life and I’m in awe. I have been in this “marriage” since 2000 when I first raised my hand and said, “Yes, I would be happy to help.”

That first “yes” began a second career in Human Resources, one that I could not have imagined: a volunteer career that allowed me to travel the country, meet amazing professionals in and out of the HR industry, and make friends that I otherwise would have never met. I do believe these years of volunteering brought me to my career and interest in Talent Acquisition where I have found I can do my best work.

For 16 years, I have been raising my hand and stepping up to organize events – speaking on larger stages that I could have imagined – and have grown as a leader in the industry all from volunteering. Who would have ever imagined?

As my role of president of the best state council in the land, The HR Florida State Council, comes to a close, I look back at the numbers quite fondly and quite proudly.

Who would have thought this young Airman from the United States Air Force could have planned, organized, and executed some of the most amazing HR conferences and guided a state council to achieve our highest goals in serving the Human Resource Industry?

Yes, the numbers are profound and the impact is equally as awesome.

For those of you who are early in your numbers, be confident in knowing that your greatest impact and greatest achievements are the numbers you leave behind you.

To know that the numbers really do matter and that they did have an impact means I can reflect on them and move on to the next phase.

Where and when will you raise your hand?

Carol McDaniel,
HR Florida State Council President

Carol McDaniel is the Director of Talent Acquisition at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Carol’s extensive background make her a subject matter expert in employer marketing and branding and she frequently speaks throughout the nation on talent acquisition and communications.

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