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President’s Message

Written by HR Florida Review

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Across the State and across the country, Human Resource professionals are looking at the fourth-quarter tasks of open enrollment, performance evaluations, as well as compensation and total rewards challenges. It’s that time of year for many of us in our organizations to ensure we are in compliance, engaged with our teams and career goals are noted and set for the coming year. It may be mundane; however, it’s still a necessary part of our role.

Coming off one of the most successful HR Florida State Conferences in August, I returned rejuvenated and with a new perspective on how to approach a lot of these duties. Let’s face it—some things just are not going to be the most riveting of tasks, but where there is opportunity to elevate the team and reward their success, this is where we can really have impact.

I had the opportunity to sit in a few sessions that really made me ponder how I think about my role and how I could, with a few simple changes in approach, provide some alternatives, options and a new perspective to what would seem a mundane task—it was all about HR Innovation.

Gone are the days where we have to “reinvent the wheel” to try to come up with a new service delivery model or a tool to help us make open enrollment easier or more efficient. One of the sessions I attended was called “A Flatter World Equals a Bountiful Talent Pool,” and it was presented by Fredda McDonald. This session really spoke to me about how we as human resource professionals have access to talent across our international borders that can help us with not just our “tasks” but provide solutions and bring innovation to our organizations.

By harnessing the technology trends globally, we are able to harness new ideas and bring them back to our organizations to help either resolve an issue or bring a new fresh approach to how we deliver service in HR.

Does this mean we are not capable of producing great work on our own? Of course not—it’s simply about our world being flat and accessing the global talent and keeping HR innovation alive!

I often think one of the biggest challenges we have in human resources is having the time to be innovative and research ideas that can benefit and really elevate the way we work. We tend to be focused on the now and what needs the most attention, versus looking outside of the “office” for solutions and ideas that can provide increased efficiencies in our work. Of course, there are costs and budgets to adhere to; however, if we were to simply look beyond what is the day-to-day and access the global talent we have easy access to, see how other organizations utilize technology and the global network, we could find ourselves generating ideas and solutions that lead to true HR Innovation.

That is the work that excites us, keeps up engaged and elevates our organization and keeps the workplace vibrant and on top of its game!

Carol McDaniel
HR Florida State Council President

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