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Showcase Gratitude in the Workplace

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Growing up in a small town, three aspects of life were king: church, school, and sports. The mall, movie theater, and various other big-city amenities weren’t available. As children, much of our joy was derived from playing outside from sunrise to sunset. We created our own entertainment and were satisfied with it. Many fond memories resonate from this vision of contentment and happiness. Even now, it’s enriching for my son and me to visit the place that will always be my childhood “home.”

Humble beginnings tend to instill the fundamentals of gratefulness, and my radar for joy and blessings remains in tuned. Typically, my friends and coworkers are humored by my excitement over what they may perceive as trivial: a new Mountain Dew flavor, colorful felt-tip pens, a bright blue orchid, a neon pink fish, and so on.

Often, observing others’ joy and recognition of delight in the workplace casts sunshine onto the gloomiest days. At Buffalo Rock, my office is situated in a high traffic area, which is fantastic. This provides an increased opportunity to interact more often with staff and to learn about their triumphs and concerns.

Bonding with employees affords HR the chance to recognize the more simple aspects of life that they, too, appreciate. The following 25 items provide a snapshot into what Buffalo Rock’s employees have mentioned as an element of their gratefulness:

Delectable Delights:
• Butterfinger cups
• Rolos
• cinnamon iced Pop Tarts
• chocolate donuts with custard filling
• Mrs. Judy’s collard greens
• an unlimited supply of ice cubes
• lunch on the house

Dress Code:
• blue Pepsi polo shirts
• new work shoes
• Pepsi ball cap
• casual Friday

Community Support:
• animal welfare initiatives
• support of the Salvation Army’s domestic violence program

Office Supplies:
• neon safety vests
• colored copy paper
• envelope stuffer machine
• air freshener

• spot awards
• reserved parking
• a secure working environment
• on-site CDL testing
• direct deposit
• schedule flexibility to visit family members in the hospital
• Buffalo Rock’s 401K match
• vision coverage included in the medical insurance plan

These 25 aspects of gratitude are a refreshing indicator of a work group who value their second “home.” It’s welcoming, safe, and full of positivity. Life is actually great despite adversity, personal and professional trials, and unfulfilled wishes. The challenge is for us, as Human Resources professionals, to recognize and showcase it in the workplace. If we are fortunate enough, our employees mirror this behavior. Just another reason why it’s great to work in HR!