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Wednesday, 11 March 2015 20:00

The “It” Factor: Three Ideas for Making a Memorable Impression

Written by Laura Syfrett
We’ve all been there. The moment when your name is called as the “next candidate”. Entering a conference room filled with poker-faced, interviewing panelists deciding your career fate. Were they impressed with your poise and HR knowledge? Although it may be difficult to determine, the following are helpful tips to consider for creating a positive connection on the big day.

• Greet each person with eagerness and shake his or her hand. This gesture alone helps to break the ice and indicates your understanding of the need for soft skills. Will the panelists envision front-line staff being comfortable approaching you? The combination of hard and soft skills is powerful and realistically expected for long-term HR growth.

• Pose thoughtful questions. What changes are anticipated over the next three to five years, and how may HR participate in future strategy? What is on each interviewer’s HR wish list, and how should you help to fulfill it?

• Showcase an understanding of pertinent information. What HR trends are on the horizon, and what impact may this have upon the organization’s industry? Share your knowledge as appropriate throughout the interview or when the opportunity is given for closing remarks.

Typically, no guarantee exists regarding the outcome of competitive selection. However, these suggestions will at the least evoke memorable thoughts of YOU as the company’s next HR ambassador!

Laura Syfrett is an HR Coordinator for Buffalo Rock, Pepsi. Laura is the editor of HR Florida Review and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing, a bachelor’s degree in public relations, and an MBA in Human Resources. She is also credentialed as a Gallup Strengths Coach, Birkman Consultant, Six Sigma Green Belt, and SHRM-CP.