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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 20:00

HR Florida and SHRM Participate in Chinese Human Resources Delegation Visit

Written by Kara Palmer Smith, Public Relations Director
On October 25, 2013, Carol McDaniel, President-Elect of HR Florida State Council, and Robert Garcia, Director of Global Business Development at SHRM, met with a group of Chinese Human Resource representatives in Orlando. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange best practices and learn how the State Council and SHRM operate. The delegation included 18 professionals from the Chinese Ministry of Finance. The underlying theme of the meeting was serving the HR professional and advancing the profession.

McDaniel gave an overview of the HR Florida Council, emphasizing the strategic partnerships. She highlighted that the council is a 100-percent volunteer entity consisting of 28 SHRM affiliated chapters across the state. She also highlighted that the Council represents over 14,000 members and promotes activities that serve the professional and advance the profession.

“As the President-Elect of HR Florida, it was such an honor to share how we, as the largest human resources volunteer organization in the industry serve our state, with the delegates from the Chinese Ministry of Finance. We were able to share how we provide resources, education, and access to trends in the Human Resource area to our 28 chapters and beyond, and how those enhance the abilities of the individual to serve their respective organizations as well create a strong skill and knowledge base in our at state,” said McDaniel. “The human resource function has now expanded beyond our domestic borders, so it is imperative that we are able to share our talent and skills with our global partners. This event was one of the many ways HR Florida will continue to serve the HR community here in Florida,” she added.

Garcia provided the SHRM overview. He highlighted SHRM affiliates, such as the Council for Global Immigration and SHRM China in Beijing. He also spoke on SHRM’s strategic initiatives, including the competency model and standards development. He shared what SHRM is doing to support the HR professional through professional conferences, trainings, and certifications, with an emphasis on the GPHR (Global Professional Human Resources.) He also explained the newest HRCI credentials, HRMP and HRBP, which were developed for HR professionals practicing outside the U.S. The Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP) and Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP) compliment the certifications of the existing portfolio and will enhance the support of the expanding global reach of the HR profession.

Garcia left the group with some sound advice. Organizations can do the following to recruit top talent: look to HR for top candidates, look beyond borders to identify the right person for the job, as well as build a strong corporate culture and brand. These tips can be utilized no matter the company or country.

“It was a pleasure presenting global HR trends and practices to the Chinese Delegation in Orlando as a way of aligning SHRM’s commitment to advancing the profession globally,” said Garcia.

At the end of the presentation, McDaniel and Garcia presented gifts to each member of the delegation and received gifts from the delegation. Though they exchanged gifts, the most valuable exchange was how both groups plan to overcome future challenges and propel the HR profession to the next level.