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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 10:05

President's Message Fall 2013

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When I say “HR and Technology,” what immediately comes to your mind? When the theme for this issue of our magazine was shared with me, I had to think about what that really means to me. It probably conjures up different mental images for each of us. Some will immediately think about their recruiting tools and applicant tracking systems, others will reflect on their payroll system or their comprehensive human resources management systems.

Technology has not only changed how we perform our duties, it has also changed the expected output from our human resources functions. More and more we have comprehensive reports available to us with just a few keystrokes. It’s no longer a novelty. It’s the norm.

Traditional technologies and electronic processes are improving and enhancing their offerings. Emerging technological developments are continuing at a rapid pace to evolve. Big Data, SaaS, The Cloud, Social Networking Sites, Mobile Applications, are all relatively new resources available to human resources and they along with all of the other trends deserve review to determine how they might be applicable to your specific role.

Many of you have had years of exposure to sophisticated technological systems. Hopefully, this issue will inspire you to consider additional options. For those of you with less experience using technology, I encourage you to consider ways in which your personal knowledge and value can be heighted by employing more of these tools.

Consider also the ways in which technology assists your employees in performing their daily responsibilities. How are these tools assisting you as you drive innovation and create a more enticing workplace through flexibility and alternative means of work completion?

Whatever your experience and history with technology, we must all agree, it is a fundamental resource for all HR professionals. As we continually focus on our business processes, technology provides the HR pro with quick access to data and management reports necessary to ensure organizational success. It’s how HR gets done!

Joyce Chastain SPHR