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It was a Florida summer, just after my second year of college, that I developed an understanding of “Total Compensation.” I didn’t know it at the time. I only knew I had landed the coolest job in the world! I was a counselor at a summer camp right on the Gulf of Mexico! For eight weeks, I had a place to sleep, three meals a day, and all the coffee I could drink. In addition, I worked with fun people and could take time out to watch a beautiful sunset every evening. Oh, yeah--I received a salary, too. They paid me $37.50 a week!

Many years later, when my husband returned to graduate school, I took a job with a relatively low salary over other higher-paying jobs because of benefits we needed for our family: employer-paid family health care, a flexible schedule, and the opportunity to advance. We stayed healthy. I was able to attend children’s plays and little league games. I also progressed within the organization.

All perks associated with a job are not for everyone. Someone who was more interested in dollars than a Gulf sunset might not have wanted my job at camp, but the money saved on room and board might have appealed to them. Flexibility in workdays is a real asset to young parents. Take a look at what you offer your employees and make sure what you are offering is something they need and want. What does your current workforce need? What would attract the employees you hope to recruit? Be creative and incorporate these perks into your total compensation package.

As HR professionals, we understand what is included in an employee’s total compensation. Too often our employees do not. Let them know what you offer and the costs involved. They will likely be pleasantly surprised to see how much they are worth to you.

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