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Friday, 01 March 2013 13:35

President's Message

Written by Heather Vogel, MHR, SPHR, Joyce Chastain, SPHR

6-joyce&heatherAs I sit down to write my last message to you as president of HR Florida, I can’t help but look back to reflect on our achievements during my tenure, but also to look forward to see what I believe the future will hold. In an organization such as HR Florida, representing close to 14,000 SHRM members and continuously working on a wide range of activities throughout the year, it’s sometimes hard to see the scope of our triumphs. That’s a pity because in fact what we’re doing in support of our HR professionals and our profession is quite remarkable. That’s why I took the opportunity to write a separate article for the Review. Please peruse that article—I want you to learn about what our volunteer leaders have accomplished and be proud of these achievements with us. I humbly thank each and every one of our volunteers; I am grateful for the gift of their enthusiasm and dedication to our mission.


You see, volunteering is a precious gift. It’s precious because it’s given freely, but also because it’s sometimes given at the expense of family, friends, work, or opportunities with other associations. I’m often asked why I devote my time and energy to give this gift for which I receive no monetary compensation. The answer is simple: HR is my passion, and the relationships, connections, and development opportunities my volunteerism has afforded me is absolutely priceless. I now have a network of colleagues across the state that I can call upon for any type of issue or advice that I may need. I now have a network across the U.S. of the finest HR business leaders that I can work with to help solve some of the most complex HR and leadership issues of today. Where else could I get that kind of personal and professional reward for the gift of my time and energy?


If you have not yet experienced the benefits of being involved with your local chapter or HR Florida, please join us. There are all kinds of opportunities available that fit your skills, your interests, and your time. We will gladly accept the precious gift of your volunteerism.


It’s truly been my privilege and honor to serve as your council president over the past two years as we joined our hands, heads, and hearts to move our profession forward. I’m glad I’ll be able to continue on in 2013 by supporting Joyce Chastain, SPHR and Heather Deyrieux, SPHR as our 2013-2014 Council President and State Conference Director. I think you are going to see some exciting changes as they move the bar even higher in advancing our HR profession.


See you around the state!


Heather E. Vogel, MHR, SPHR 2011-2012 President


This past year, I’ve had the exciting privilege to speak at over half of the twenty-eight local chapters that comprise the HR Florida State Council. I’ve become far more familiar with I-10, I-75, I-95, and I-4 than I ever thought I’d be. But, it’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet the amazing human resources professionals of our state that provide decisions, practices, and activities that relate to the effectiveness of the people in the organizations they serve.


Also impressive has been the way these chapters are not only pursuing professional growth among their members, but how they are also proactively changing their community. For instance, several of our chapters sponsor a charity each month and members bring cash or donations to contribute. One chapter I visited had a diaper drive where members brought packages of diapers each month that were donated to the local women’s shelter. Some of our chapters provide tutors to local public schools to assist students who are struggling with math or reading skills. One of our chapters partners with their local chamber of commerce to provide human resources assistance to small businesses that don’t have HR talent on staff. These are just some of the ways our members are assisting in their local communities. It’s inspiring!


I am proud to embark on my term as president of HR Florida State Council. I have the privilege of following behind some great leaders. Their visions and inspirations have positioned our state to be among the greatest providers of human resources services in this country. I am honored to serve, to continue the legacy, and to build upon the foundation they established.


2013 is going to be a great year! It will come with its workplace challenges, no doubt. There are big changes on the horizon for human resources professionals. Together we’ll rise to the occasion to comply with regulations, engage our employees, and meet our organization’s goals.


I look forward to continuing my travels through the great State of Florida and meeting each of you.


Joyce Chastain, SPHR 2013-2014 President