Saturday, July 04, 2020

HR Florida State Council, Inc. and Tobacco Free Florida Collaborate to Promote Employee Wellness Throughout the State


Adopting a tobacco free worksite is an easy and cost-effective way to improve employee health, and your company’s bottom line. Tobacco free worksites protect employees from harmful secondhand smoke and encourage current tobacco users to quit, saving lives and reducing the significant cost of tobacco use in your workplace.

HR Florida State Council, Inc. and Tobacco Free Florida (TFF) are working in collaboration to offer a new wellbeing and recognition program for you as HR Florida member employer when you take innovative and important steps to reduce the impact of tobacco use for your employees in the workplace. This program, Wellbeing Works Florida (WWF), will give HR Florida State Council, Inc. members a direct no-cost opportunity to gain recognition as you knock it out of the park, implementing interventions or systems changes that offer proven effective tobacco cessation services to your employees or provide supportive work environments for those on your team who want to quit. It also has an overall wellbeing component.

As a participating employer, you will earn points toward a WWF bronze, silver, or gold award based on a proprietary Success Tool which will soon be rolled out. This Success Tool includes establishing tobacco free grounds policies, providing proven-effective cessation services for their employees, and taking steps to facilitate a tobacco free culture at your worksite.

In late spring and summer, local TFF program representatives, or grantees, will work with WWF Wellbeing Ambassadors to provide partnered presentations at 28 local HR Florida State Council, Inc. chapter meetings throughout the state, over the next two years. These presentations will introduce WWF to your specific worksite and prepare your company/organization to earn points toward WWF awards. As local experts in tobacco prevention, TFF grantees will provide direct support and technical assistance materials to participating worksites as we implement tobacco free worksite policies.

On January 4, 2019, a big program announcement happened in Orlando. TFF grantee Maria Pereira Villa, grantee for the Orlando area, joined Wellbeing Director, Elisabeth Doehring, to launch WWF program at the HR Florida State Council, Inc. Leadership Meeting. This is an innovative and ground-breaking program in the United States, thanks to the commitment and full support of the leadership of HR Florida State Council, Inc. TFF is behind this program and you as HR professionals working to make your employees and workplaces healthier.

This is the first in a series of informational articles by Tobacco Free Florida (TFF) for Wellbeing Works Florida, a collaborative effort between TFF and HR Florida State Council, Inc.

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