Friday, November 15, 2019

#SHRMBoss Visits Orlando - Speaks on State of SHRM & HR


The Greater Orlando SHRM (GOSHRM) chapter kicked off 2019 with a bang last month by having Johnny C. Taylor, CEO and President of SHRM, as their featured speaker. GOSHRM experienced record-breaking attendance numbers with over 200 members and guests registered for the event called “The State of SHRM and HR.” Taylor not only shared his tremendous knowledge with the group, but one Twitter follower said, “#shrmboss was amazing! Funny, informative, provocative, and witty! Can’t wait for #shrm19 at Las Vegas!” Members and guests that were unable to attend the meeting were able to follow the conversation online by following #SHRMBoss, which was the hashtag chosen for people to use while tweeting and posting on social media about the event.

Nate Shannon, 2019 GOSHRM President, said, “What a great opportunity to for Central Florida HR professionals to hear from Johnny directly regarding the future state of our profession, which is at the core of today's complex work environment, whether we want to believe it or not."


During the evening, Taylor talked about how the future state of HR is like nothing we've ever seen. He says our mental models are having trouble keeping up to where the work is. Our minds are somewhere between the industrial era where our talent was efficient and the informative era where they were acquiring knowledge and skill. But the work is ahead of us by an era; its slowly creeping up on the augmented era where we have talent that is creative, adaptable, and agile. As HR practitioners, we need to jump on the train of fast adaptation and realize that things like artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles are coming quickly.

Taylor also shared with attendees the implications of the HR profession and the practice of HR. As the future of work is quickly changing, the workforce is also changing. We need to make sure we’re attracting the smartest people to HR, but we also need them to do the job well. If they don’t, then someone else will. We also need to understand that Talent Acquisition and Inclusion and Diversity are keys to the success of our business. When asked what Shannon’s main takeaway was from the evening, he replied, “We've known for years that HR professionals need to know our businesses. Johnny, and SHRM are challenging us to boldly approach our function through continual learning and adaptation." Shannon also said how fascinating it is to realize that talent acquisition (people) is the most critical HR function, and the future is artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Additionally, Taylor talked about the need to get on board with our company’s culture, because everyone is going to start talking about it. He says that cultures aren’t one size fits all. What works for one organization/industry may not work for another. Some cultures are going to have structured roles and processes; some are going to empower leaders and be focused on their values, and some are going to be innovative and hold their teams accountable. When talking about culture, Taylor said, “The number one thing that we can do as HR practitioners is start with being very clear about it [company culture.] [Ask yourself], what will it mean to work at this organization? And be honest, no matter how incredibly talented someone is, you say “you’re not going to fit here.” HR practitioners and leaders know the culture of their organization and they know the type of people that work well in that type of culture. As Johnny said, just because someone is talented, it doesn’t mean they will fit in. Skills can be taught, values can’t; culture is a part of whom someone is. Hire someone for whom they are, and then train them to be what you need them to be.

Taylor wrapped up the event with a short Q&A with the attendees where he answered questions about having credentials, the representation of HR, and various HR policies and benefits. After Taylor left to head back to Washington, D.C., the attendees were introduced to the meeting sponsors: NextPath Career Partners and Advent Health and our new HR Florida Conference Ambassadors: Sarah Siraj and Destiny Quinn. Finally, as Shannon made the last announcements of the evening, he introduced some special guests in attendance.

Not only was the meeting attended by GOSHRM members and guests, but there were also some extra special VIP’s in the house. VIP’s included Chris Lopez, Johnny Taylor’s Assistant; Felix Massey, SHRM Field Services Director; Tom Topping, HR Florida District Directors; Jennifer Currence, Leadership Trainer, Coach, Author, and Past GOSHRM Speaker; Eveline Kraljic, President of Volusia/Flaglar SHRM; Stephanie Deiter, President of Sarastota- Manatee HRA; Andrea Williams, President of Mid-Florida SHRM; Kate Shockey, President-Elect of Volusia/Flagler SHRM and Event Photographer, and several Past GOSHRM Presidents: Kim Ouelette, Charlotte McDonald, John Kinloch, Patrick Muldowney, Amy Lein, Gina Hall, and Annette Wainey. The GOSHRM board would like to thank and appreciate each VIP, GOSHRM member, and guest that attended the January meeting! Special thanks to Kate Shockey for photographing the meeting to capture the memories that we won’t soon forget.


Many may wonder, what is next for GOSHRM? Great news! The chapter has already lined up some great speakers for February and March, including Frances Rios, Founder and CEO of Frances Rios Enterprises and Tom Topping, Employee Engagement Expert at Training Perfected and HR Florida District Director (respectively). We hope to see all of you at a GOSHRM meeting coming soon!

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