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Are you tired of hearing about Health Care Reform changes? Well, don’t turn the page yet. Listen up!

Published in Fall 2010
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 09:33

Action Creates Motivation

One way to stay motivated is to constantly remind yourself that a worth-while pay-off lies ahead. If you are serious about your goal, whether it’s a personal goal, a work unit goal or a corporate goal, you will take action. As you gain traction toward your goal and begin to see results, you will become even more motivated. Action creates motivation!

Published in Winter 2011
Thursday, 04 November 2010 10:36

Your Employees Will Join A Union

What your company can do about it before they do.

Unions go right along with politics and religion on the list of topics not to discuss at a dinner party. While opinions regarding the usefulness and relevance of unions range from impassioned supporter to unwavering opposition, the fact remains that unions exist and their extinction is unlikely.

Published in Winter 2010

There has been much litigation in recent years regarding the application and implementation of wage and hour regulation, particularly concerning overtime wages. This heightened awareness of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and its requirements can actually help employers recognize potential problems with their wage practices and assist them in taking the necessary steps to prevent future litigation. These steps may even result in lower costs to employers while paying legitimate overtime.

Published in Winter 2010
Monday, 11 October 2010 14:52

One Size Fits One

Best practices to build a talent strategy that attracts and retains a committed workforce

Employee turnover is expected to rise this year. Our latest research highlights that many workers are unhappy with their present jobs. In fact, 60 percent of employees intend to leave and an additional one in four are networking and updating their résumés.

This research provides a barometer of employee engagement in the workplace, with results that might likely alarm and surprise many employers. Employees are clearly expressing their pent-up frustration with how they have been treated through the downturn. While employers may have taken the necessary steps to streamline operations to remain viable, it appears many employees may have felt neglected in the process. The result is a disengaged and disgruntled workforce.

Published in Summer 2010

I recently read an article citing 10 of the most overused business buzzwords. Most recently making the hit list included words like “leverage,” “value-add” and “cutting edge.” Even my favorite, “disconnect,” made the list. I looked for the word “strategic,” but didn’t find it (thank goodness). For years now, though, HR has heard the “strategic” mantra—“We must be more strategic; we must get a seat at the table; we must drive our value proposition…”

Published in Summer 2010
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