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Tuesday, 20 November 2018 13:35

Uncovering the Cure for Superhero Syndrome

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My wife is amazing. she is a custom application developer (i.e., a technology geek), a mother of two, runs an organic co-op, is a cross-fitter, runs marathons and teaches spin classes. She also cooks healthy meals every night, volunteers at the local school, does laundry, is a human taxi service for our 15-year old, and cleans up…a lot. In other words, my wife is Superwoman.
Tuesday, 20 November 2018 13:26

Discovering Generation Z

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Several years ago, I became unpopular. Yes, I did what I always do. I stirred things up again. This time it was the generational pot. Five years ago, Millennials was a bad word. Five years ago, I would get my fair share of pushback from some attendees as I began to do what few were doing at the time: flying Millennials’ flags high, showing why they were so important (and upsetting some Boomers and Xers along the way).
From recruiting to hiring, human resources professionals are tasked with finding the best talent to match position vacancies in small and large companies that will maximize growth. On an employer level, identifying a balanced work force with diverse skillsets can make all the difference in a company’s productivity and reputation.
How long has it been since your organization updated its employee handbook? It’s time to brush off any layers of dust that have accumulated over the years and make it a priority to conduct a review prior to the year’s end. In this article, I reveal five evolving areas to focus on now so you can start the quickly approaching new year off on the right foot.
As technology has enabled the creation of new alternative approaches to performing work, an issue arises for organizations. For instance, crowdsourcing, where individuals voluntarily do defined blocks of work for an agreed-to reward, enables freelancers to connect directly with the organization. With these rises in technology, more organizations are using fewer employees by distributing work to organizations or individuals operating as contractors or consultants.
Tuesday, 20 November 2018 10:55

Uncovering Areas of HR Impact

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When I was a kid growing up in upstate New York, one of my chores this time of year was to rake the leaves that had fallen and blanketed our yard. Although it wasn’t always a fun chore (as most of them weren’t), it was nice to get outside in the crisp fall air. Raking the leaves also allowed me to view the yard a bit differently. I was able to discover areas off my typical beaten path of play and uncover interesting displays of nature – root formations or even an intriguing bug - that would have otherwise gone unseen under the leaves.
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