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Recognizing the 2018 HR Professional of the Year

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Each year, HR Florida opens a statewide nomination process to identify the HR professional deserving of being recognized as HR Florida’s prestigious HR Professional of the Year. This year, we partnered with Fisher Phillips to provide this award to our outstanding HR professional. Candice Pinares Baez of Fisher Philips (partner in the Fort Lauderdale office) presented the award to Mark Codd, our 2018 recipient. We are thrilled to recognize and celebrate Codd as HR Florida’s 2018 winner!
The 2018 HR Florida Conference & Expo was one for the books! In its astounding 40th year, the event brought together more than 2,500 HR professionals, distinguished speakers and presenters, and sponsors from around the world to learn, engage and collaborate on the latest trends and happenings impacting the human resources industry. The four-day conference served as an opportunity for attendees to not only connect and network with one another, but also bond over a variety of activities.
“Delivering tough feedback is fun,” said no one ever. No one wakes up thinking, “You know what I’m really looking forward to today? Talking to John about how his dysfunctional behaviors are impacting the team.” We avoid the tough conversations because we’re scared, or we rely on outdated models like the “sandwich technique.” We like to call this, “diaper genie” feedback because it is when stinky issues are covered up in self-protecting layers of spin, avoidance, and nice words that let the real issues fester.
Tuesday, 20 November 2018 13:35

Uncovering the Cure for Superhero Syndrome

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My wife is amazing. she is a custom application developer (i.e., a technology geek), a mother of two, runs an organic co-op, is a cross-fitter, runs marathons and teaches spin classes. She also cooks healthy meals every night, volunteers at the local school, does laundry, is a human taxi service for our 15-year old, and cleans up…a lot. In other words, my wife is Superwoman.
Tuesday, 20 November 2018 13:26

Discovering Generation Z

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Several years ago, I became unpopular. Yes, I did what I always do. I stirred things up again. This time it was the generational pot. Five years ago, Millennials was a bad word. Five years ago, I would get my fair share of pushback from some attendees as I began to do what few were doing at the time: flying Millennials’ flags high, showing why they were so important (and upsetting some Boomers and Xers along the way).
From recruiting to hiring, human resources professionals are tasked with finding the best talent to match position vacancies in small and large companies that will maximize growth. On an employer level, identifying a balanced work force with diverse skillsets can make all the difference in a company’s productivity and reputation.
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