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As technology has enabled the creation of new alternative approaches to performing work, an issue arises for organizations. For instance, crowdsourcing, where individuals voluntarily do defined blocks of work for an agreed-to reward, enables freelancers to connect directly with the organization. With these rises in technology, more organizations are using fewer employees by distributing work to organizations or individuals operating as contractors or consultants.
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When I was a kid growing up in upstate New York, one of my chores this time of year was to rake the leaves that had fallen and blanketed our yard. Although it wasn’t always a fun chore (as most of them weren’t), it was nice to get outside in the crisp fall air. Raking the leaves also allowed me to view the yard a bit differently. I was able to discover areas off my typical beaten path of play and uncover interesting displays of nature – root formations or even an intriguing bug - that would have otherwise gone unseen under the leaves.
As Human Resources Professionals, we often address the topic of diversity and inclusion from the perspective of recruiting, on-boarding and retaining a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce is no longer the square box that can be checked off by hiring employees across different genders, races and/or age groups.
Local Chapters across Florida State are looking for enthusiastic HR Florida Ambassadors to be the faces and voices of the HR Florida State Conference and Expo.
HR Florida has embraced mentoring individuals exploring the human resources field or preparing to enter the profession through the development and support of student SHRM chapters.

During a pivotal time for the workforce, SHRM is hosting a global conversation on three of the most critical issues that affect employees and employers every day: closing the skills gap, getting business immigration right and addressing workplace harassment.

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