Friday, July 30, 2021

Wellbeing Works Florida


Have you ever imagined forty eager, giddy, pumped-up students at an orientation meeting on a college campus all in one classroom?  Now instead of a classroom, imagine them on a conference call! 

That is what happened on April 19th, 2019 when forty wellbeing professionals packed a state-wide teleconference call. The call included sixteen newly-named WWF Wellbeing (WB) Ambassadors from ten HR Florida Chapter Districts who were paired up with Tobacco Free Florida (TFF) staff from 28 counties. This teleconference call launched Wellbeing Works Florida (WWF), the precedent-setting new collaboration between HR Florida State Council and Tobacco Free Florida (TFF). “It was a thrilling call,” says Robert Ostbye, Tobacco Free Florida (TFF) Statewide Policy Manager, “Hats off to the new TFF WB Ambassadors! Elisabeth Doehring (WWF Wellbeing Director) and I look forward to our next team call in late May and chapter rollouts starting next month. The response and excitement from TFF and WWF are unparalleled. It was phenomenal to hear from so many enthusiastic professionals who are ready to head out into their chapters with our local Tobacco Prevention Specialists.”

Here are some of the responses from your local chapter/district WWF WB Ambassadors team post call:

Definitely motivating and exciting. We have a dynamic team!
Impactful and genuine.
Spectacular. There is a lot to cover but I am so very excited!
Excited and engaged!
Electrifying and motivating…everyone was energized and ready to work together today to stay on this WWF mission as a team.
Electric and inspiring
Inspired and passionate
Awesome! I can’t wait to start
Great and wanting more!
Spreading joy and wellness everywhere!
Super charged to be shoulder to shoulder with such an inspiring group of people
Amazingly genuine—a passionate group of like-minded professionals.

As chapters prepare to introduce WWF WB Ambassadors and TFF partners at their local chapter meetings, we ask that any images be sent to Jeri Dembrak for distribution by the social media team.

WWF is the first SHRM-state council affiliated wellbeing program in the United States. The program is a collaborative project with Tobacco Free Florida. Title sponsor for WWF is OneDigital and primary sponsor partners are Aetna and Lifelock Norton Symantec.

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