Monday, May 25, 2020

The Christmas Hedgehog


Chaos. Mayhem. Madness. Craziness. It’s all descriptive of my week last week. A to-do list longer than my arm, a new office opening, my HR Manager retired (your guess who got to pick THOSE duties back up!), learning new software, running payroll now (yep—I got that duty too for now), three separate evening performances for my son, Mom needs lights hung on the house, decorate? Who has time? And now I have to find a stupid ornament for an ornament exchange? Seriously? Monumental eye roll at the thought. Walking around with a Grinch-esque snarl…..yep, that was me.

So, hearing my friend’s words in my ear, (“how do you eat an elephant? Well, one bite at a time!”) I proceeded to a local little discount store with a reasonable selection of holiday decorations while my son was in rehearsal. As I proceeded through the aisles, I heard a distant giggle from some lady a few aisles away. Then a chuckle a bit louder. Then a full-on belly laugh. OK, so What Is So Funny? I must investigate.

There in the aisle, standing beside a full cart, was a woman holding what looks like a wooden boot scraper. All spikey on one side, half-log, half-pine straw, about the size of a child’s shoebox. She is turning it this way and that, laughing at it and shaking her head. Seriously? Then I see the front—it’s a hedgehog. Not just a regular run-of-the-mill hedgehog, but a SANTA hedgehog, complete with googly eyes and a hat. It is so bad it’s fabulous. But THAT funny? I had to ask…….

“Just what is so funny about that particular Santa?” I asked her as I approached her cart.

“You would have to know my friend Sandy,” she replied. “She has the worst taste in decorating. I mean it’s just awful. She would just love this silly thing! I’m going to have to buy it and send it to her!”

Still laughing, I felt my grouchiness melting away. I couldn’t help but laugh with her—she had one of those rare, infectious laughs that ignites everyone around. We struck up a conversation and ended up spending a wonderful half hour finding all of the most ridiculous decorations we could find, positive that Sandy would love it, and laughing about them all—Santa in a swimsuit and hammock, pink flamingoes in Santa hats, ugly sweaters for pets? Who knew? It was totally one of the most enjoyable moments I can remember. And with a total stranger. All over a silly hedgehog decoration.

Here is my holiday wish for you: I hope you can find a hedgehog moment in your day. Find time to laugh at the silliness that could be right in front of you but you’re too busy to see it. Don’t let the chaos of your day get in the way of finding the joy in the little things. Little things add up to big things.

I’m going to try and find a hedgehog for my office to help me remember.

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